About Us

About Us

First Converting (M) Sdn. Bhd

First Converting (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established in December 2007 with Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) facilities. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and GST registered company. 

In First Converting, we supply genuine products from original maker only. We utilize Vision Measurement Machine (VMM) as a Quality Management tool to consistently provide high precision parts and meet the requirements of our local SMEs, MNCs and international customers. Technical know-how is our key competency and commitment as solution provider to all of our customers. We do well in custom made products as fit-to-use concept. 

Vision..Core Values..Goals..

•Vision:  To be a well-established application based technical excellent centre.

• Core values: 

               1. We respect and focused on customer's needs and requirement.

               2. We provide technical support and solution to our customers.

               3. Continue improvement is the long term key commitment for our success.


Our Management Goal is " The Power Of Transformation". We slit, laminate and die cut varies based materials to become solution for our customers. To be pro-active and fast response time is always our goal to excel, besides providing effective and alternative solution for customer consideration as their option for their application. 

Our Products ranges:-

  • Tapes - 3M, Saint Gobain, Avery Dennison, Scapa Tapes etc
  • UV / Heat Dicing Tape (DST)
  • Heat Backgrinding Tape ( DST)
  • Foams - Conductive PU Foam,Poron, CR, EPDM, PU etc
  • Compressed PET foam
  • LED Lighting - Diffuser film; Reflector Film (Covestro, Toray; Furukawa)
  • Insulation Materials( PET, PC, PP, Fire Retarded grade etc...)
  • Electrically Conductive Materials ( E-CATT )
  • EMI Gasket
  • Thermal Pad and thermal Tapes ( Varies Thermal Properties and thickness )
  • Teflon sheet ( Saint Gobain )
  • TPU Breathable Film ( Covestro )
  • Pressure Sensitive Film for pressure check
  • High Temperature Labels- PI based material, withstand up to 260Deg C


a. Brands: 3M, Avery Dennison, Saint Gobain, Scapa Tapes, Rohmann, DST etc...
b. Products: 

1. Single Sided Tapes  and UV / Heat release tape 

2. Double Sided Tapes, Dicing Tapes

3. Foam Tapes

4. Adhesive Transfer Tapes

5. Flexographic tapes, 

6. UV withstand tape, 

7. etc...

Thermal Conductive Material

a. Brands: 3M, AOK, Saint Gobain, Dow Corning, Chomerics, Avery Dennison, etc...
b. Material Based: Silicone & Acrylic
c. Custom die cut size and rolls
d. Excellent Thermal Properties : 1.0W/mk - 10W/mK

e. thickness range : 0.15mmT - 16mmT

f. Hardness : Shored 00, Shored A

Besides, we do have thermal tape as well. This is to make the seamless assembly without using mechanical fastener or clip. 

We provide total custom made solution for thermal solution!

Thermal interface material serves as very crucial interface material for heat management as the current electrical devices become smaller in size while the functionality of such devices has increased. Thus, more heat is generated when the device is in operational mode. The microprocessor will has longer life spend if the heat generated is able to be dissipated out effectively through rightful selected thermal solution. 


a. Material: CR, EPDM, EVA, Silicone, Nylon, etc...
b. Operating Temperature: -20 to 180 Degress C
c. Varies Custom-made Thickness

d. Varies hardness : Shored D, Shored A

e. Colour : Black, White, Blue, Red, Grey, etc...

f. Type : Closed cell and Open cell

LED Reflector & Diffuser

a. Brands: Bayer & Furukawa
b. Custom die cut size
c. High Reflection & Diffusion Rate
d. Varies Thickness available


  • Single sided tape 
  • Double coated tape 
  • kapton masking tape

Brands :
  • 3M
  • Avery Dennison  
  • Scapa Tapes 
  • Saint Gobain 

Thermal Pad and Thermal Tapes

Double coated Thermal Tape
Thermal Pad ( 1W/mK - 16W/mK)

  • Dow Corning
  • AOK
  • Chomerics
  • 3M  


  • Conductive Foam ( PU, CR, silicone etc…)
  • Non Conductive Foam ( PU, CR, EVA, EDPM, Silicone, Neoprene etc…)
  • Poron  
  • Saint Gobain ( Korel Foam )

Insulation Film, LED reflector and Diffuser

  • Bayer ( LED reflector and Diffuser ) 
  • Bayer Diffuser Sheet ( more than 1mmT )
  • ITW GK series PP film
  • Toray film ( H10, S10 etc..) 
  • Sabic Polycarbonate film
  • Rubber Cork 7. Nomex
  • Kapton Film ( without adhesive )

Die Cut Tapes & Foams

In order to offer greater value to the customers, we could convert and sell the tapes, foams, or certain convertible materials to the customers according to the design and drawing from the customers. By supplying the parts in required pattern, the customers may use the parts directly and immediately once they receive the parts.